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Over 50 years and still strong, GrandMaster C is still teaching the art of empty hand and joint manipulation.

Established in 1998 Cintron's Tang Soo Do later reformed as Cintron's TangSooJitsu in 2010 and is now in Apollo Beach, Florida as Cintron's Martial Arts School of Survival and is still as effective as it was 25 years ago. As a Federation we always strive to serve the Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and South Shore community. You can find us located in the shopping plaza right behind the Apollo Beach Diner located on 118 Flamingo Drive.

the Team

GrandMaster C.

Over 50 years of training, creator of Cintron's TangSooJitsu Combat system Federation. (Primary Instructor)

Soke lil John davis

The Legend Lil John Davis, direct training with Moses Powell and founder of VSK Jiujitsu and senior Instructor.


Over 19 years of training in TangSoo Do and VSK Jiujitsu. Master Anthony has been assisting GrandMaster C for decades.

Master Solomon

Master Solomon has been a practitioner of TangSooDo for countless years and has been a great friend to GrandMaster C. 

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